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Three free service
Free to assist the installation, commissioning, training, technology and operating personnel.

After-sales service
Corporate headquarters and offices has sales service hotline, regardless of your machine when there is a problem, just a phone call, we will provide convenient service for you at the first time.

The national customer service hotline: 0772-5373121
Fax: 0772-5373129

The entire network services
You can visit our website for online service information, or you have any machine maintenance and technical aspects of the problem, can send an email to us, we will give you satisfactory answer.
Company website:

Other services
1, the machine warranty for 12 months
Open yu company solemnly promise: the machine warranty for 12 months (except wearing parts).
2, regular return visit
Our service engineers will regularly pay a return visit to your machine, including repair and maintenance of the machine, to answer your problems arising from the use of the machine, and feedback to the company you are looking for machines such as the use of comments and Suggestions.
3, life-long maintenance services
For every purchase of yu precision injection molding machine computer user, we will provide you with the lifelong maintenance service.